13th week, 90th day

Pubblicato: maggio 27, 2012 in Diario di viaggio
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I can’t believe it.
This is my last post from Tomsk. The last post from Russia. I’ll write it in English, for all my foreign friends.
This experience was the best of my life. the best ever.
It was the first time i had been in another continent, in the middle of nowhere, for so long, alone, indipendent, free.
I’ve learnt so much. New languages, new cultures, new music, new traditions, new dishes, everything was a brand new experience. I feel myself complete, satisfied.
And I have to thank YOU. you, my very dear friends from all around the world.
I always had fun, because the most simple things are the best ones, if you are in good company. but the company was not good.
the company was perfect.
I’ve never laughed so much, i was always happy, and i had no time to get bored, because the world of the exchange students is so active!
I’ll be missing the life in the dorm and all the meetings, every moment of the day and of the night…if you didn’t know what to do, you could just have a look around, be sure that you’ll always find something interesting and funny.
i’ll be missing the tea (and the great Russian biscuts even more!) after dinner, and the famous Razgovor po dusham, the Russian sincere conversation when you can talk of your most serious problems and worries.
I’ll be missing all the activities, the sports, the tales from unknown and exotic places, the comparisons between so different languages and habits.
I’ll be missing the cafeteria, with the unknown dishes that are usually tasty, but sometimes they just look good whereas the ingredients are not the best ones (like the liver-burgers)…
I’ll be missing cooking everyday, also for all my friends here. I’ll always remember the italian cuisine evening, we worked so hard, but when I looked at your satisfied faces I understood that the results were quite good…
I’ll be missing the indipendence. living without taking care of anybody.
I’ll be missing the possibility of speaking Russian so often. I’ve understood that i’ve just felt in love with this language, it’s so complete, so precise, so expressive!
I’ll be missing Tomsk. It’s a student city, everithing is close, everithing is easy.
I’ll be missing Russian spring. The city is so green, trees and flowers everywhere, birds, children running around, boys and girls driving their bicycles. the sun is so big and bright, the river is so peaceful, it makes me feel in harmony with the world.
but the most important thing I’ll be missing will be always YOU. all the great people i met in this magic place.
I want to say thank you. thank you because these three months wouldn’t have been so good without you, your smiles, your jokes! my heart is full of joy, I feel so happy, so ALIVE!
yes, ALIVE!
but at the same time I feel sad and melancholy. I would like to take you all with me, make you feel the atmosphere of Italy and Naples. And when I tell you ‘please, come to my place in Naples! I’ll host you with pleasure’ I’m not joking: the possibility to see you again is the only thing that can make me feel a little bit less nostalgic…
So, after all these boring words, after all these memories, i just want to thank again all the countries that gave a great contribution to this magic, fantastic, unforgettable experience.
Thank you Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Egypt, Columbia…and thank you Italy, for sure: we have always been a great team, (sometimes a little bit too rowdy…but it’s ok) and in one way or another I think that Tomsk will remember us. for sure, we will remember it for a long, long time, and our memories will make us laugh, and maybe cry…
That’s all, my dear fellows.
Hope to see you again, good luck for everything.
I love you all.


  1. Y. ha detto:

    Accomplice, You know to Live!!! (trad. Compà, sai Campà!!!)


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